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Site Policy

This website is operated by GS Alliance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).

If you use this website, please thoroughly read and agree to the conditions of use stated below and then use the website. Please understand that if you use the website, we will deem that you agreed to all of the conditions of use stated below. These conditions of use may be changed without advance notice, so please check the most recent information.

● About copyrights

The copyrights and trademark rights to the content on this website (excluding company names and the logo marks of media companies that appear in articles related to our company) will attribute to the Company and are protected by law, unless specifically specified otherwise. It is not possible, without the copyright holder’s permission, to use any of the content on this website beyond the scope that is allowed by law, irrespective of whether the use is for profit or not.

● About posted information

The Company takes meticulous care when posting information on this website, but it will not make any guarantees about the accuracy, appropriateness, or safety of that information. The information posted on this website may be changed or deleted without advance notice. In addition, the Company may discontinue or stop operation of this website. The Company will not bear liability for any damage caused by the information posted on this website, changes or deletion of the information, or the use of this website, irrespective of the reason.

● About links

If you want to post a link to this website, please contact the Company in advance. Provided, however, that the Company may refuse such link to this website, depending on the website content or the link. Please note that the Company makes no guarantees about quotes from information posted on this website nor any information that is posted on third parties’ websites that have links to this website, and the Company will not bear any liability whatsoever for damage associated with the use of such links or information.

● About inquiries

If you have any comments or questions about the information on this website, please use the Inquiry form on this page to enter the required matters and then send us the form. Please understand in advance that, although we will sincerely handle all emails that have been sent to us, we may be unable to reply to all inquiries. In addition, even when we adopt all or a portion of a proposal that has been sent by a customer, the Company will not provide any reward to the customer who submitted the proposal. Customer information provided on the Inquiry form will be handled according to the Company’s Privacy Policy. Emails sent by the Company in reply to inquiries are works that attribute to the Company, and any secondary use of all or any portion of such emails for another purpose without the Company’s prior written permission is prohibited.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

GS Alliance Co., Ltd., and its group companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Company”) are aware that appropriately protecting customers’ personal information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) is an important obligation, and the Company will handle Personal Information based on the policy below.

(1) Proper acquisition

When acquiring Personal Information, we will specify the purposes of use, and we will not acquire Personal Information beyond the scope of those purposes. In addition, for the acquisition of Personal Information, we will clarify the purposes of use, obtain the relevant person’s agreement, and will not use the Personal Information for any purpose other than the purposes for which the agreement was obtained.

(2) Appropriate management

We will manage the Personal Information in our possession with the appropriate methods. Excluding cases stipulated by law or ordinance, in principle, we will not disclose nor provide Personal Information to third parties without the relevant person’s agreement.

(3) Ensuring accuracy and safety

We will strive to maintain accurate and up-to-date Personal Information in our possession. In addition, we will implement organizational, human, and technical safety management measures, prevent unauthorized access to Personal Information and loss, destruction, manipulation, and leaks of that Personal Information, and if such situations arise, we will strive to make corrections, such as inhibition of expansion of risks and prevention of recurrences.

(4) Compliance with laws and ordinances

We will comply with all laws and ordinances related to the protection of Personal Information, guidelines stipulated by administrative organizations, and other standards.

(5) Handling of complaints

We will appropriately and promptly handle complaints and inquiries that are made by the relevant person as related to the handling of Personal Information.

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