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Nano Cellulose Dispersion in various type of vegerable oil (100% Nature Biomass Composition)


100% Nature Biomass Biodegradable Resin Material for Injection Molding Manufacturing


Graphene Quantum Dot + Silica based Inorganic Material Composite

conductive IL

Ionic Liquid type antistatic Agent

PLA Hpa Bone.jpeg

3D Printable PLA / Hydroxyapatite Composite Material for Artificial Bone, Scaffold for Cell Proliferation in the field of Regenerative Medicine

Quantum Dot Film for Plant Growth.jpg
Biomass Conductive UV HC.jpeg

Biomass base Conductive UV Hard Coat 

29-2f5fd2cbd0726c4f6de5ef4cc1468256-310x220 (1).jpg

Cellulose based Biodegradable Resin Material (100 % Nature Biomass base, No Petroleum)


Biodegradable Bottle made of Biodegradable Resin with Nano Cellulose Composite Material (no petroleum、100% Nature derived Biomass Material)

31-test-battery-310x220 (1).jpg

Semi All Solid State Lithium Ion Battery


Cubit Garnet type Li7La3Zr2O12 (LLZO) Solid Electrolyte for All Solid State Lithium Ion Battery

33-test-battery-310x220 (1).jpg

MOF (Metal Organic Framework) derived Electrode Material for Lithium Ion Battery


Greenpla, BIomasspla certified various type of Biodegradable Resin + Nano Cellulose Composite Film, Sheet


GreenPla certified Nano Cellulose + PBAT (poly butylene adipate terephthalate) Composite Material, small bag made of this material


GreenPla, BiomassPla certified Nano Cellulose + PBS (poly butylene succinate) Composite Material

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